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Welcome to the home of Tarahill Cairn Terriers
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News and Notices

Goodbye, Vancouver Island!  Hello, Okotoks.

We are now getting settled in our new home close to Okotoks, Alberta.
Loving the beautiful open skies again and looking forward to getting Wags to Wishes K9 Training up and running here.  Please contact me at karen@tarahillcairns.com if you are interested in help with training, classes or further information.

Barn Hunt has come to Vanouver Island!

Barn Hunt is a new sport that allows dogs to demonstrate their scenting and hunting abilities! It is open to all breeds and mixed breeds. Rats, safely and comfortably ensconced in PVC tubes, are hidden in a maze of hay bales. Dogs must search out the live rats, differentiate them from tubes containing only used rat bedding and then indicate the location of the rats. They must also navigate hay bale tunnels and climb on bales to show their willingness to thoroughly search the area. Handlers must observe their dog's behaviour and call out the find for the judge.
Barn Hunt is a great fun for spectators too - dogs each has his own working style.
Handlers must learn to trust their dogs - and dogs learn to work independently.  The learning curve is often much steeper for the handlers than the dogs!
Please note: Rats are not abused, hurt or mistreated in barn hunt. The rats are very familiar with the sport and readily hop into the tubes to play the game. They often chatter, groom and eat while in the tubes and on course.  They know from experience the tube is a safe place.  The rules pertaining to rat care are designed to ensure their well being and good health.
Vancouver Island Performance and Earthdog Group held it's first official fun match in March 2016.  The next event will be clinic and practice match on July 16, 2016.  Contact Karen Share on the VIPEG website for more information.  You do not need to be active in other dog sports. You do not need to register with Barn Hunt for this event.

Tarahill Cairn Terriers

The Cairn Terrier is a wonderful, funny, feisty little terrier that will keep you on your toes and  enrich your life if you decide to share your heart and home with one.  Please see my Tarahill pages to learn more about Cairn terriers and my dogs. Go to the Tarahill pages for information about Cairn Terriers in general and about my dogs.

Wags to Wishes K9 Training

Does your dog need better manners?
Are things your dog does driving you crazy?
Do you want to build a better relationship with your dog?
Looking for some fun with your dog?

See the Wags page for information about classes, seminars and other training events.

Group and private classes are available.  Class notices, news, links to interesting articles and blog posts are also on facebook (see link under News section).

About my logos....

My logos were designed by Catherine McMillan of Minuteman Miniature Schnauzers, Deslilse, Saskatchewan.  She was a pleasure to work with and did a great job of capturing what I wanted in a logo. You can see more of Kate's art work on her website at www.katewerk.com. Look for her dog logos under the Canine Art page. And if you are looking for a logo, Kate has my vote!

About the Tarahill logo: Tarahill is my registered kennel name and looks back to family origins in Ireland.  Tara was the ancient capital of Ireland. Many of my dogs have call names that are Irish in origin as well.  The stylized Cairn on the logo is confident and ready to take on the world - the way I would like my cairns to be in the show and performance rings as well as in daily life.

About the Wags to Wishes logo: When thinking of names to call my training business, I wanted something that would reflect joy, the desire for a well trained dog and speak to the growth of a great relationship between dog and handler.  Wags to Wishes, of course, is meant to make you think of 'rags to riches'.  I wanted the logo to be open and welcoming and a little lighthearted.  The cartoon cairn in the logo is offering a play bow, as cairns and many other breeds often do when they are soliciting friendly interaction. The tail is up in a happy wave and the mouth is open a little giving the overall picture of a gregarious but confident little dog.