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Getting a puppy


Tarahill Puppies

This questionnaire is for people with serious interest in obtaining a Tarahill puppy.  Please be sure to review the information on the Puppy page before sending in your questionnaire.

Training and Behaviour

Ahhh, puppy teeth!  As sharp as little needles. Many puppies love to chase things that move - like our hands and legs and when they connect with those sharp teeth it's no fun. 
Here is how to help you puppy learn not to nip and to have a "soft mouth".
Does you pup drag you down the road? Yank and pull on his leash?  Here are some foundation exercises to help you teach him to walk politely by your side.
Reinforcement is a powerful tool to increase the behaviours we want our dog to do. Learn how to figure out your dog's reinforcers, build new ones and use them effectively.

Health, Wellness and Safety

Does your dog suffer from carsickness?  Here is a list of things you can do to help.
This article provides information about the dangers of Chicken Jerky treats from China - and not just chicken jerky but other treats as well. 

Christmas with Dog!  Be aware of common holiday items that can pose a health hazard for your dog.  Did you know that Macadamia nuts are toxic? That the water keeping your live tree fresh can harm your dog?  Check it out and keep your dog safe.

This article was written for the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada newsletter.  Are you aware of all the potential hazards that might be lurking in your garden?
This article was originally published in the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada newsletter.