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Tarahill's Wish Upon a Star CGN, PCD, RN, RATN, SD-S, TDCH

Doyle enjoying some summer sun.

September 21, 2014 

Doyle earned his Barn Hunt Instinct title (RATI) and completed one leg to his RATN title with a third place finish.  He is a very quiet hunter and indicates the rat by politely lying down in front of the rat tube.

Doyle loves searching!  He earned his Scent Detection - Started title by qualifying the first time in each of the three elements. He has a very calm search style - much different from his mom. Now we need to work on a more definite indicator behaviour.
October 27, 2016
Today, with heavy hearts, we said farewell to my sweet boy, Doyle. In 4, all too short years, Doyle earned that special place as my 'heart dog'. He tackled his short life with great gusto and throughout his life, he exuded a special kind of joy.  At nine weeks of age, he hurled himself over a teeter to his sheer delight, running back to the other end to do it again. Five days before he died he eagerly worked with me to master the challenging "double beam" trick for his trick dog championship, even at a time when it was clear renal failure was taking a toll on his strength and stamina. Even then, he showed his typical joyful approach to life.
He was at the same time the gentlest and fiercest of dogs - vociferously defending 'his girls' against any potential threat.  He loved to cuddle and was never far away from me.

Doyle worked on his Trick Dog Championship until a few days before he died. Until the last 5 days he enjoyed training and even when it was clear he was not feeling 100%, he perked up quickly when invited to train.  He was posthumously awarded his Intermediate, Advanced and Expert trick dog titles as well as his Trick Dog Championship based on videos I had taken in preparation for the submission.  Sadly he never had the chance to obtain his Rally advanced title, although he was ready for competition. As well he only had the opportunity to enter one Agility trial - but in that trial was awarded the special Wildrose Cairn Terrier Club Ribbon for the top scoring Cairn Terrier.  As so often, life got in the way and I never got around to entering him in rally trials or more agility trials, much to my regret.  Never forget that your time with your canine companions is short!