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Wags Shop

Looking for dog training items?  Please contact me if you are looking for the following items.
  • Clickers
  • Whip it toys
  • Fleece tugs / toys
  • Snuffle mats and Snuffle balls
  • Made to order decorative snap buckle collars and leashes
  • Made to order agility tug slip leashes
  • Made to order kennel pads, doggie door bells etc.

    Barn Hunt Supplies

    • Rat tubes
    • Boards and ramps
    • Tunnel wand (for measuring width of tunnels)
    • Fencing
    All items are made to BHA specifications.
    Items are made to order - no stock items.  Contact me for pricing and availability. As rat tube supplies generally need to be brought in from the USA there may be a long turn around time for tube construction.


    Product and Local Business Recommendations

    Bully Buddies by Bow Wow Labs

    One of the few things I like to give my dogs to chew is a bully stick as it is a safe chew where many other things like Greenies, pigs ears, raw hides etc have all been associated with various risks from bowel obstructions (Greenies - because they are soft enough to chew off large chunks), choking hazards and infections (pig's ears).  The problem with bully sticks is that when they get down to several inches they can become choking hazards so you end up throwing away a significant piece of the stick.  Bully Buddies are designed to hold securely on to one end of the bully stick, preventing it from becoming a choking hazard - and allowing your dog to enjoy more of the stick.

    Bully Buddies are made by Bow Wow Labs.

    I have had good service from Bow Wow Labs - they worked with me to find a delivery option that worked in my rural location.  I have 'Cairn tested' the product and am happy to recommend it. Be sure you order the correct size for your dog - the size will determine what size of bully stick will fit into the device.

    If you would like to try out a Bully Buddy you can use the Wags to Wishes Discount code: WISH10.

    Find the Bully Buddy at: https://bowwowlabs.com/

    Why I recommend Mes Amis Leashes

    I love Mes Amis leashes - they are soft, supple and easy on the hands - but strong. They also come in a wide variety of beautiful colours.  I particularly love these leashes because they are so easy to handle when training and have my hands full with clicker, treats, target sticks etc.  The light weight and flexibility is a big advantage. You can hold several loops in your hand with room left over in your hand for treats or a clicker.  A heavy or stiff leash often gets in the dog's way and makes handling more difficult.  If your dog does a 'run out' on you, the Mes Ami leash is gentle on the hands - no webbing burns!  To see the range of products and colours visit  http://www.mesamisonline.com/   The photo gives you an ideal of the colours although the teal - greens at the bottom are not true and are much more vibrant than the picture shows. 

    Where can I get Mes Amis leashes?
    The best local source for Mes Amis leashes is Tybrushe Pet Supply (http://www.tybrushe.com/index.htm).  403-938-1885 or email info@tybrushe.com


    Why I recommend Freedom harnesses

    The Freedom Harness is THE best no pull harness available!  It is the harness most often recommended by KPA certified dog trainers.
    Why do I recommend it?
    • COMFORT - the velveteen covered straps that go behind the front legs prevent chaffing and irritation.  For show dogs, the velveteen will help reduce wear on the coat, but won't completely eliminate it, so I don't recommend it for extensive daily use in that context)
    • SAFETY - the Freedom Harness is designed to not put harmful pressure on any part of your dogs body.  If your dog does suddenly surge forward, you will not risk a neck injury.
    • SECURITY - while it is not impossible for a dog to pull out of a Freedom Harness, I find that it is much less likely for this to happen than with many other harnesses.  I have only ever once had my dog pull out of the harness and this was a result of me trying to pull her forward (to get her out of a vehicle) while she was pulling directly back (chalk that one up to bad handling...).  I have never had a dog get out of a properly fitted Freedom Harness while walking. 
    • EFFECTIVE - the Freedom Harness is designed to help you manage a dog who has learned that pulling works!  The recommended leash (included with the harness) is a short (4 foot) double ended least.  The short length limits run out distance.  The double clips allows you to attach one end at the front attachment and on on the back (between the shoulder blades).  The allows for more effective control of the dog without the need for yanking or hard pulling.  Think reigns on a horse....if your dog starts pulling you can give a little tension on the portion of the leash attached to the front (over the dog's breastbone). When he pulls, this tension turns him towards you...pulling forward becomes ineffective.
    • VERSATILE - while the harness is intended to be used (when training for 'no pull') with one end of the leash attached at the front and one over the back, you can clip both ends of the lead to either the front attachment (converting it to a more conventional front attachment harness) or the back attachment (converting it to a more traditional style harness).  You can also instantly convert the 4 foot leash to an 8 foot leash if you need more leash lenght.
    • GREAT FIT - the Freedom Harness has 4 points of adjustment meaning that you can achieve a good fit for almost all dogs.  The company will also make special order modifications to the harness if their standard sizes do not fit (particularly useful for very small dogs, or overweight dogs.
    • STYLE - I love the beautiful, vibrant colours...there is a colour to suit every dog (and handler)

    For more information about the Freedom Harness and to see colour and sizing information go to: http://wiggleswagswhiskers.com/No-Pull-Harness/

    The best local source for Freedom Harnesses is Mungos Books for Dog People
    Looking for a good Doggie Day Care in the Okotoks area?
    Gus's Day Digs
    Are you looking for a local doggie day care?  I recommend Gus's Day Digs. http://gussdaydiggs.ca/   
    I recommend them based on their practices of carefully supervised dog interactions, and schedule of play / rest / training through the day and their commitment to positive reinforced training and management.