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My dogs

Aoibheann: AmCanGCh Quarrydene's Queen of Diamonds, CGN, RN, RA, JE, RATS. TDCh SD-S. Cairn Terrier Club of Canada Versatility Award. 

Quarrydene's Queen of Diamonds

  • Sire: AMCAN Ch Quarrydene's Gambling Man
  • Dam: Ch Quarrydene's Black Diamond

Aoibheann is a funny, spunky little girl who keeps me hopping!  She is a great escape artist and is responsible for many little wings and extensions on the gates around my back yard - but she never tries to leave unless I am outside the gate.  She has been a wonderful mom to her two litters but is now retired from breeding.

Aoibheann and I have learned conformation showing together.  Despite my lack of experience she took best puppy in sweepstakes and best puppy in specialty at the AKC Summer Classic show in 2010 at just barely 6 months of age.  She has also achieved 4 Group 3rds and two  Group 4ths and completed her championship in Sept 2011 at the Saskatoon Obedience and Kennel Club Show, handled by Jeannette Hargreaves.  In 2013 she achieved her Canadian Grand Championship and in September 2013, she completed her US Championship over two weekends, handled by Catherine McMillan. In October 2013, she also achieved Select Bitch at the Montgomery Country All Terrier Show competing with 90 other Cairn terriers. She returned to the USA for 8 shows in January 2014 and placed in all of them including one group third, completing her American Grand Championship. For more details of her show career, see her page.

Aoibheann was my Karen Pryor Training Academy partner dog and went through the 6 month course with me - with many hours of training and 4 trips to Calgary for weekend workshops (including several wild winter trips).  She did me proud at our final assessment and completed her 10 behaviour chain with flair after a rather disastrous and scary "test run".

She is an experienced traveller and has put on many miles with me. She is a great little ambassador for the breed where-ever she goes.  Aoibheann is training in Obedience and Rally Obedience and  acieved her Rally Novice title with qualifying rounds in her first three trials. She LOVES Barn Hunt and achieved her novice title in her first trial.  What could be better for a terrier?  For more about her accomplishments see her page.

Ceilidh: Grastar's Forget Me Not, CGN, RN, AGI, AGIJ, ATChC

Ceildh is my first Cairn.  She was born February 4th 2005 and was bred by Jeannette Hargreaves who has been an excellent mentor as I discovered the world of Cairns. When I settled on a Cairn as the right breed for me, it was a challenge to find a breeder nearby. I eventually found Jeannette through the Cairn Terrier Club of America - only to find that she lived within a couple of kilometers of the acreage I would move to within a few months.
Ceilidh is Grastar's Forget Me Not, CGN, RN, AGI, AGIJ, ATChC and St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog and Paediatric Therapy Dog.
  • Sire: Ch. Grastar's Executive Decisions
  • Dam Ch. Grastar Believes in Dreams
Ceilidh has been a wonderful dog and has taken me on a journey from just wanting a pet, to agility competitions in both CKC and AAC, to obedience (where we recently achieved her first qualifying score) and Rally obedience.  We have dabbled in tracking and earthdog.  Ceilidh did not enjoy the show ring so we have not pursued that. Ceilidh is quite a serious lady who likes to do things right. Because of this she sometimes stresses a bit over things.
She is now the senior dog in my home and keeps everyone in line!
Ceilidh's achievements
Agility: Ceilidh loves agility - there is nothing she likes more than to play in my agility field.  She entered her first competition at 18 months and came within milliseconds of qualifying on her first run...after that it was all downhill for a while while she learned to focus on course. She is a perfectionist who likes to get things right - sometimes at the expense of speed.  Her second year in agility was fantastic and she made quick progress, then we had a bit of a setback for a while and had to work through some fear issues.  She got back on track and loved agility until she retired.  Even now at over 13 years she loves to play on agility equipment. She completed her Agility Association of Canada ATCh in the summer of 2012,the 4th Cairn terrier to achieve this.  She has competed at several regional agility championships, qualifying twice with first place finishes in the 10 inch Regular class.  We have travelled to Sussex, NB and Ottawa for National Agility Championships in 2008 and 2009.  She now competes a few times a year in the veterans class.
Rally Obedience: Ceilidh enjoys training but finds the trialling environment a bit stressful. She did however manage to qualify in her first 4 CKC rally novice events and completed her Rally Novice title at the Alberta Kennel Club show at Spruce Meadows in August 2012.
Therapy Dog:  Ceilidh is a qualified St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog and Paediatric Therapy Dog.  For a number of years she visited most Monday afternoons at the Royal University Hospital Paediatrics ward showing off her tricks - wave, rollover, play dead, hit the easy button, find the easy button, bow, left and right etc. She adores children and Monday afternoons was always the highlight of her week. She has also worked at autism day camps in Saskatoon and Regina.
What we are up to now: Ceildh is now retired from competition - she enjoys roaming around my acreage near Okotoks and playing with the younger pups in my home.

Doyle: Tarahill's Wish Upon a Star CGN, PCD, RN, RATN, SD-S, TDCh

  • Sire: Ch Quarrydene's Danish Outlaw
  • Dam: AmCanGCh Quarrydene's Queen of Diamonds
Doyle is one Aoibheann's puppies.  At about 4 months of age he was found to have a serious health issue which meant his life would be short. In his 4 all-too-short years he showed himself to be the most affectionate, loveable little boy you could ask for. He loved other dogs and was afraid of none of them, regardless of size.  Although he loved other dogs, he was also the most fierce protector of his 'girls'.  He adored sitting on my lap and would happily snooze for hours (if ever I got the chance to stay in one place that long).  He is obedient and enthusiastic. (A cuddler AND obedient?  Can he really be a Cairn?) He also had an amazing voice and an incredible selection of different vocalizations. 

Doyle loved training and was always ready to try something new.  He continued to give me his best until 5 days before he died just past his 4th birthday. In his short life he accomplished much and he will always be remembered as my very special 'heart dog'.

Miss Marple: AmCanCh Quarrydene's Diamond Heist CGN, RATM, ETD

  • Sire: Hjohoo's Hjo're My American Pie (Frodo)
  • Dam: Ch Quarrydene's One Carat Diamond (Clara)
Miss Marple joined our family in the summer of 2015, immediately travelling 1,000 km to our home on Vancouver Island. Since then, she has put on many more km as I travel between Alberta and Saskatchewan and BC for work. She is another great traveller and ambassador for the breed.
She is a very mischievous little girl who loves to climb and jump. She is most often to be found on top of something - her crate, a hedge, a box, or whatever is to be found nearby, or shredding something.  She loves barn hunt and is working on rally obedience. She loves the show ring.  Miss Marple had her first litter of 5 puppies Feburary 27, 2018 and proved to be a great mom.  She especially loved leading her puppies on great chases around the house and the yard every evening to wear them out for bed time.

Finnegan: Tarahill's Celtic Fire ITD

Sire: BIS, GCh Cairnisles Sharp Dressed Man (Dallas)
Dam: AmCanCh Quarrydene's Diamond Heist (Miss Marple)
DOB: Feb 27, 2018
Finnegan is a lovely boy who just had to be kept from Miss Marple's litter.  He is a very affectionate boy who loves to be close. He is also a great climber, challenging every barrier I can put up!  In his first weekend of showing he was Best Baby Puppy under Pamela Bruce in the All Terrier Club of Alberta Specialty and Best Baby Puppy in Group under Margaret Jones in the regular show.  I am looking forward to seeing him grow and show.

Soleil: Tarahill's Here Comes the Sun. NTD, RATN

Sire: Ch Ken Sigel's Poker Game (Jack)
Dam: AmCanGCh Quarrydene's Queen of Diamonds (Aoibheann)
DOB: Feb 4, 2018

Soleil is a very sweet girl who loves to snuggle more than most female cairns.  She is characterized by her distinctive 'roo-roo-roo' when she is happy to see you. She is great traveller but loves to chase anything on 4 legs! She much prefers barn hunt to the show ring but will happily do anything I ask of her.

Breezie: Tarahill's Sweet Summer Breeze

Sire: AmCanGCh Quarrydene's Wild and Wanted (Merlin)
Dam: AmCanCh Quarrydene's Diamond Heist CGN, RATM, ETD
DOB: June 1, 2019
Breezie is the newest addition to the Tarahill family.  She is a spunky, confident girl who loves the show ring and snuggles like a boy!  Breezie was shown a number of times as a baby puppy and achieved six Best Baby Puppy in Group and a Best Baby Puppy in Show at just past 6 months of age.  She impressed the judges with her confidence.  Due to COVID 19 she was shown only once as a puppy and achieved Best Puppy in Breed and Best of Opposite in a tough ring. We are looking forward to getting her back in the show ring!
So far she has earned her Novice Trick Dog title and is one step away from her Barn Hunt Novice.