Educational Resources

Should I spay or neuter my dog – Jane Killion

  • Current dogma is that a dog should be spayed or neutered before sexual maturity as a routine. In recent years we have discovered increasing evidence that there are significant negative consequences to early spay / neuter. In this booklet Jane reviews the scientific evidence and both risks and benefits of desexing procedures. The information is presented in an easy to follow format with the scientific references at the end.

Puppy Fitness that fits the Puppy – Jane Killion

  • Most people overestimate the amount of exercise that is appropriate for young puppies. This booklet provides guidelines for type and amount of exercise to support growing bones and joints without harm, breaking things down into age groups.

Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry – Deborah A. Jones

  • Learn how to make grooming and veterinary / health care a positive experience for your dog.


Product Recommendations for new puppies

Litter: Yesterday's News Cat Litter

  • My puppies will be familiar with this type of litter. I have tried many other types of litter and always end up going back to this brand.  There are some brands of recycled newspaper pellets that are a little bit cheaper but I have found they break down differently, track more or have a slight musty smell which transfers to the puppies.


  • When Cairn puppies are small, a cat leash is your best bet as it is light and unobtrusive.  For adult dogs, my absolute favourite leash is Mes Amis (see Wags to WIshes Recommendations page); strong but lightweight, easy on the hands and gorgeous colours.  Throw a dirty Mes Amis leash in the wash and it will come out like new.

Collars: one problem with commercial collars is that they tend to cut the coat.  Several types of collars are less likely to do that.

  • Nearly Naked Neckware makes beautiful cloth collars - either buckle or maringale
  • Mes Amis collars - martingale or buckle
  • Hound collars are useful for adult dogs that do lots of pulling and choke themselves.


For more information and links to these businesses, see the Wags to Wishes Resources page.